Coconut almond raw balls
Almonds coconut balls

Time of mixing depends on your food processor (ca 6 minutes with Magimix), but the actual forming of 50-55 balls is more time consuming - count with some 17 minutes.

Servings: 55 balls
  • 250 grams pitted dates
  • 65 ml water
  • 200 grams almonds or ground almonds
  • 200 grams ground coconut
  1. First mix the dates with water in the food processor until it creates a soft paste

  2. Add almonds and process until the almonds are ground evenly

  3. Add the ground coconut and pulse for another 2-3 minutes until the ingredients are well mixed

  4. Make balls with your hands - 1 tea spoon of mass for 1 ball. For the best consistency put the balls into the fridge for an hour before serving